How private jet aircraft charter cost is calculated?

May of you might be interested in knowing how private jet aircraft charter cost is calculate so here are the answers.

Every charter flight is unique and requires careful calculations to reach a final price. However they are several major factors which effect the cost of aircraft charter.Private-Jet-Charter-Interior

  1. Type of Aircraft: Per hour rental vary from aircraft to aircraft. For example a chartering a light jet like Cessna Citation CJ2 cost about Rs. 1,40,000/- Per Hour whereas a medium jet like cost about Rs. 3,50,000/- Per Hour.

Per Hour Rental is applicable only when engine is running i.e from engine start to engine switch off.

  1. Ferry: There are more than 450 airfields in India but not every airfield have a jet aircraft based on it so if you want to fly out of an airfield that don’t have an jet aircraft available you need to get an aircraft ferried to that airfield and the cost of ferry flying time will be borne by you.
  2. Airport Charges: Airport charges a fee to provide their services. This fee vary from airport to airport and depend on type of aircraft what facilities are provides.
  3. Watch Hour Extension: Only few aircraft in India operate for 24 hours if you want to fly to an airport outside its operating hours additional charges need to be paid.
  4. Waiting and Night Halt: If waiting time exceeds couple of hours waiting charges need to be paid to operator. It is charged to cover the cost of crew Boarding, Lodging and transportation.

Depending on the nature of flight there may be other charges which may affect the cost of charter flight apart from the above mentioned charges.

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