Hire a helicopter for marriage

Benefits of hiring helicopter for wedding from Charter Plus

  • Surprise your guests and spouse by making a stylish entry and exit from your wedding in a helicopter.
  • Amaze every one by flower showering from the helicopter over the wedding venue or at a place of your choice.
  • An experience that you and your guest won’t forget for lifetime.
  • Takeoff for the local romantic sightseeing in the helicopter with your newly wedded wife.
  • Click lots of photograph with the helicopter and of the amazing view below.
  • Arrive on time , leave traffic jams below.
  • Cost effective and better alternative to limousine hire.
  • Leave all hassles of managing the helicopter flight to us

Things to keep in Mind when you hire helicopter for wedding

  • Flight Timing:Most Helicopters don’t have ability to fly in night they can only fly during daytime from sunrise to sunset only so it is recommended to keep helicopter wedding flight timing in day time only.
  • The Helicopter:Selecting the right helicopter is really important to ensure cost effective and smooth operation of the wedding helicopter flight. We recommend using Either Bell 407 or Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopter for marriage flight as these helicopters are reliable, fast and cost effective for wedding flights.
  • The Helipad:Helicopter requires very less space to operate and can operate even directly from the wedding venue. Our Helicopters require level, dust free space of about 20 Meter diameter with clear approach and take off path free from any obstacle.
  • Booking Helicopter:Due to increased demand of helicopters, Availability has become a issue keeping this in mind please book helicopter for marriage as soon as wedding date is confirmed to avoid non hassle in obtaining the booking.
  • Landing permissions:As per government regulations any landing outside licensed airport or heliport require permission from either SDM/DM or DC of the area in which helicopter is supposed to operate. These permissions are generally easy to obtain but generally require 7 to 10 working days to obtain so plan accordingly.
  • Minimum Safety Requirement:During the entire duration of helicopter operations few facility like police protection for the helicopter and crew, Fire fighting Services, ambulance and barricading around the helipad are required to ensure safe and smooth operation of the helicopter.
  • Weather:Helicopters require a minimum visibility of 1500 meters to successfully operate a flight and generally during the month of December and January visibility is below 1500 Meters. We recommend always keeping a backup plan ready especially during the month of December and January, in case weather slides below minima and effecting operation of the helicopter.

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