Permanent and Temporary Helipad Making Service

Temporary Helipad Making Service and Management Service

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Helicopter are versatile machines with the ability to operate from almost anywhere, still they need some basic facilities like dust free landing site, fire fighting equipment’s, wind direction indicator, helipad marking, crowd control measure to operate safely.

According to DGCA CAR Section 4, Series B, part II Temporary Helipads should be

  1. Level, free form loose sand and debris and final approach and takeoff area should be obstruction free.
  2. There should be at least one 12 Kg Powder (DCP) fire extinguisher available at landing site.
  3. Their should provision for First Aid Kit within easy reach
  4. The letter H should be marked with white color within the TLOF Area. The legs of the H should be 3 Meters in Length and 0.4 meters wide. The overall width of H should be 1.8 Meters
  5. Their should be a wind direction indicator (either wind sleeve, windsock, flog or continuous smoke source). It should be situated in such a way it should be visible from a helicopter in flight and should indicate wind conditions over FATO.
  6. An approach and take of climb surface in an inclined plane sloping upwards (*%) from the end of safety area and centered on a line passing through the center of the FATO, should be available for a distance of at least 245 Meters.
  7. Before an area is used as take off and landing area, operator shall take necessary measures to protect the site by cordoning, fencing / Barricading to ensure that no unauthorised person, vehicles or stray animals enter into the perimeter of the safety area.

However most of the temporary helipad are made by people who have no or little knowledge about these requirement and safety and operational aspects. To keep this in mind we have started this service of making temporary helipad professionally.

Our services include:

  1. Making dust and debris free temporary helipad.
  2. Helipad barricading.
  3. Fire Extinguisher Placement near helipad as Per DGCA Requirement
  4. Wind sock installation
  5. Taking helipad coordinates
  6. Arrangement of Smoke Signal
  7. Proper Helipad Marking
  8. First Air Kit
  9. Escorting passengers to and from helicopter
  10. Arrangement of refreshment and car for crew
  11. Fuel Positioning
  12. Assistance in Helicopter Security

Benefits for Operator

  1. Reduced risk of accidents/Incidents during critical takeoff and landing face of the flight.
  2. Reduction in maintenance cost of the helicopter
  3. Reduced wear and tear of the helicopter rotor blades and engines by reducing FOD (Foreign Object Damage)
  4. Help Pilot maintain better situational awareness during landing and takeoff
  5. Reduced pilot work load
  6. Reliable and credible information about the current status of the helipad
  7. Increased safety of the helicopter and the crew
  8. No need to coordinated with multiple agency for security/ ambulance/fuel positioning/ flight following and other services
  9. Receive regular and timely updates regarding arrival and departure of helicopter form the temporary helipad

Our Charges for Temporary Helipad Preparation Service

For First landing Rs. 10,000/- and each subsequent landing on same helipad on same day Rs. 6,000/- Per landing  

For Assistance in security of helicopter at night Rs. 10,000/- Per Helicopter Per Night

In addition to above charges transportation, food, and stay of our crew will be charged extra.

We can also provide assistance in obtaining landing permission from local state administration at an additional cost. 

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