Helicopter Booking For Weddings and Special Occations

By Airlogic Aviation Solutions Pvt Ltd

At Airlogic we specialize in providing helicopter service for wedding and special occasions. We have been doing this since 2011. We know what clients demand and thats what we deliver.

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Book Helicopter Service for Weddings and Special Occasions

Your wedding day is one of the most important day of your life, add a touch of class and glamour to your special day with charter plus helicopters for wedding service.

As a romantic gestures, whisking your love off in a private helicopter is highly demanded stuff. Regardless of whether it’s for the proposal, a hen night getaway or the big wedding day, everyone wants to enjoy the Private Air Charter Service just like a movie-star and add a VIP glamour to go as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

To book helicopter for marriage with us please Call +91-97177-67737

Highlights of our helicopter wedding flights

  • Make a Grand and Unforgettable entry to your wedding venue.
  • Flight timed to complement your schedule.
  • Flower Dropping/Showering over the marriage venue.
  • Local Sightseeing opportunity.
  • Unforgettable unique experience.
  • Lots of time to click photographs.
  • Cost comparable to limousine hire.
Starting Price

Rs. 4,51,000/-

Bell 407 Helicopter Booking Airlogic

Robinson R66

Powered by Rolls Royce RR300 Turboshaft Engine, Robinson R66 Helicopter is designed and manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company in USA. It has total 5 seats (1 pilot + 4 passengers) and a separate cargo compartment.

  • 1 Pilot + Up to 4 Passengers
  • 110 Knots Crusing Speed
  • Most Economical
Starting Price 

Rs. 4,51,000/-

Bell 407 Helicopter Booking Airlogic

Bell 407

Bell 407 Helicopter is the perfect combination of reliability, comfort, maneuverability, speed and performance. With its club class cabin interiors, it is the helicopter of the choice for many different missions including Corporate and VIP transport.

  • 2 Crew + Up to 5 Passengers
  • 120 Knots Crusing Speed
  • Club Seating
Starting Price

Rs. 5,11,000/-

Airbus H125 (As350B3)

With built-in manoeuvrability, excellent visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the H125 has earned its reputation as a true multi-mission workhorse. 

The H125’s elegant cabin has a flat floor that can be quickly and easily reconfigured for various missions, including aerial work, rescue and passenger transport.

  • 1 Pilot + Up to 5 Pax
  • 120 Knots Cruising Speed
  • High Payload
Starting Price

Rs. 5,51,000

Price & Payment Options

Cost of hiring Helicopter for Marriage

Our marriage Helicopter service cost much less than what you may think, starting @ just Rs. 2,51,000/-* for Robinson R66 Helicopter.

We also offer all inclusive helicopter booking packages for wedding so you can rest assured that their will be no cost overrun. 

These all inclusive helicopter wedding packages include everything that is required to operate a successful helicopter flight like:

    • Helicopter Rental
    • Airport Charges
    • Flight Handling Fee
    • Fuel Transportation
    • Landing Permissions
    • Temporary Helipad Preparation Charges
    • Waiting & Night Halt Charges Etc.
Starting Price

Rs. 4,51,000/-

Best Helicopter For Wedding Service

Why book helicopter for your wedding with us?

All inclusive Pricing & no hidden charges and cost when you book helicopter for wedding with us

At Airlogic we believe in maintaining transparency and providing peace of mind to our clients. Therefore, we offer all-inclusive pricing options to our clients. Which include everything from helicopter rental to airport charges to local landing permissions and everything in between. So you can rest assured and concentrate on other important things required for the wedding and enjoy your special day.

Simple Helicopter Booking Aggrement for all wedding flights booked with us

For all helicoper wedding flights booked with us, we sign a easy to understand helicopter charter contract to ensure their is no confusion about the deliverable and client responsibilty and payment terms.

Easy Cancelations

We have the industry best and most customer friendly cancelation policy. We only charge a small cancelation fee plus expenses in case flight is cancelled within reasonable time before flight date.

Helipad & Other facilities

  • It should have plain hard surface of at least 30 Meter Diameter.
  • Proper Helipad markings should be there.
  • No loose material should be their on the helipad (like chairs, carpet, loose cover wrapper, paper, plastic etc).
  • It should be properly watered to ensure dust free landing.
  • A wind socks or flag should be there for Judging  wind direction.
  • Some measure to generate smoke should be in place(It helps pilot in locating the landing site).
  • Police security, fire brigade(or fire extinguisher) and a ambulance is required at the helipad as per government rules.
  • Necessary measures to protect the site by cordoning, fencing/Barricading to ensure that no unauthorized person, vehicles or stray animals enter into the perimeter of the safety area.

For a more details of information on temporary helipad requirements you can check Civil Aviation Requirement Section 4 Series B Part II.

For more information on our helipad preparation service click here

Permissions Required for temporary helipads

Before operating from a temporary helipad, permission the district admiration is required. Obtaining landing permission from the district administration required obtaining NOC from several departments including but not limited to

  • Fire Department
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Police
  • Municipality or PWD as the case may be

After NOC obtained form all the department it needs to be submitted to the DM/DC/SDM office for issue of final landing permission.

Cost of obtaining landing permission

The cost to obtain landing permission very from state to state and from district to district. Generally, the major expense is incurred towards police security, firefighting services, ambulance and any fee charged by PWD for Helipad or toward any government fee.

In addition to that, expense is incurrent in transportation, accommodation, TA/DA/Salary of the manpower used towards application & follow up.


Know more about

Landing Permissions

All local landing permissions from district adminstration will be taken by us and cost of obtaining such permissions will be included in the package. 

Cancellation Policy

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Temporoary Helipads

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Helipad Security & Crowd Controll

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