Aerial Advertising

Aerial Advertising – The High Impact Advertising Medium

The strength of aerial advertising is that it is aerial advertising banner towinghard to ignore! The sky is truly the limit here. Aerial ad messages are seen in a cutter-free environment and they average more than 17 seconds of read time per viewer*. They appeal to our sense of adventure, are seldom perceived as intrusive or aggravating and are often fun to read. In contrast to the constant barrage of message from traditional media, witch often results in tune out, aerial messages retain the ability to stimulate curiosity and command attention. Aerial banners can convey a Varity of message types: from announcing an exciting event, to promoting a particular service, activity or product.

According to a study of the total people who is aerial advertising

  • 88% remembered the banner passing.
  • 79% remembered what was advertised.
  • 67% remembered at least half of the message.

Benefit of aerial advertising includes.

  1. Cost effective:With CPM’s often below Rs. 2500, aerial advertising is an efficient and remarkably more cost-effective alternative to other form of mass media.
  2. Targetable:messages can be targeted by geography, economics, demographics or psychographics.
  3. Impactful:up to hundreds of thousands of people may simultaneously see the ad message.
  4. Customized:Advertising in the skies has a special advantage with regards to the variety of places where messages can be seen. Flight routes are designed to achieve maximum impact at target location.
  5. Affordable:Billboards production is a onetime expenditure. With proper maintenance they will last for hundreds of hours of flight time.
  6. Flexibility:banners are assembled and ready for flight within ine week of the order and if needed can often be assembled and ready sooner. They can also be quickly altered to meet current needs. Billboards take a little longer but it is a onetime process.

With this type of ad you can reach a large population in the region of your choice. When the airplane tows the banner it can attract the attention of thousands on one flight. When your banner is flying overhead, there is very little chance that it will be missed.

To maintain the originality, an airplane advertisement has come up with two styles which are as follows:

  • Text banner: This is primarily a single layered banner with black or red letters and numbers. This is an excellent way to announce a sale, promote your company’s website or advertise a special event.
  • Billboard advertisement: The aerial billboard can display beautiful graphics along with the text.

Aerial advertising has a nationwide and affordable approach.

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